Help! I’ve Lost My Domain Name!

Help! I’ve Lost My Domain Name!

Help! I’ve Lost My Domain Name!

Help! I’ve Lost My Domain Name!

I often read stories, forums, social media posts, tweets and customer support threads/tickets of domain registrars of people who have lost their domain name or domain names, maybe that is just me, as I eat, sleep, breathe and even dream in domain names and see these things more than you would. I promise you, you would be surprised how many domain names expire every day! I bet your guess would not even be close.

When I see a domain name expire I have mixed feelings, I do see an opportunity to profit off another person's mistakes. Yet, it is sad to see another person forget to renew a domain name, as that domain name that was registered a year ago was to that individual an idea, a project, a business name, which could have been the next start-up or Fortune 500 company, app on your phone or site you frequent on a daily basis, now it’s nothing. Fortunes will be made and lost on the internet forever, over a period of a day, years or decades, you can become a millionaire with the right right domain name, a vision, the team behind you and courage or you can go bust and broke, pop like the Y2K internet bubble. All those lost hopes and dreams. You have to use it or you lose it.

All is fair in love and war.

It has also happened to me, I have let a four-letter domain name expire because I was on holiday, did not check my email, did not have the domain name set on auto-renew. The domain name was part of three four letter .com domain names I bought on a whim when four letters were cheap, I actually bought just the one I let lapse for a little over a hundred dollars, that could easily resell in the aftermarket for a couple hundred, possibly thousands of dollars to the right buyer. CARELESS. AMATEUR. MISTAKE.

I thought I would not let that ever happen again but yes, you guessed it, this time on purpose, there is a difference.

I wrote a story where I registered 20,000 .xyz domain names for a cent each, in hopes of selling them and making a huge profit. I was not successful in even selling one and let all 20,000 names expire.

Why I registered 20,000 .xyz domain names.

If you don’t know, I will tell you now, you can even resell those domain names you are sitting on for profit in the domain aftermarket. At least change the name server an have your domain names in the interim has a for sales lander page. What this will do, is if someone types a domain name you own into a browser, they will land on your for sales lander page and can fill in their contact details and perhaps even make you an offer on your domain name.

Forget auto renewals on your domain names, they should be a last resort, my best advice to you is if you have a domain name you like or would not want to expire. I would suggest you renew the domain names up to 10 years in advance, major companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft and corporations do this, you should too. This will cost just over $100 USD or perhaps you can renew your domain name when there is a sale or special offering at your domain registrar, web hosting provider, take full advantage of this. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but if anyone decides to make an offer on your domain name/ website, while you are using it or have it for sale, you will have leverage cause you will know it has 10 years renewed to the domain name and you will not have to scramble to renew it mid negotiations or actually let it expire and lose out on a possible sale. Heck, even add the domain renewal fee into the sales price. Nothing worse when you are a domain broker and you working on a deal for a seller and at the 11th hour mentions that actually they do not own the domain name, they either forgot to remove it from their database or CRM when they perhaps sold it before or let it expire. You look like a fool and you lose trust with the buyer, lost your time and energy and now have to track down the new owner, hoping the buyer sticks around and does not go around you. Talk about someone eating your lunch. Ugh.

“I would suggest you renew the domain name up to 10 years in advance”

I created a project called, which will help people that let their domain names expire or get deleted have a possible way to get their domain name back.


I do not work for free, you should not either. The cost of this service will cost $95 USD per domain name request, you could try get the domain name back yourself if you know what to do, however, I have 6 years experience in the domain industry and have closed hundreds of domain name deals, totaling in the millions of dollars and like an artist that paints, sculptor that sculpts I am a domain broker and my profession is domain names. We both can agree I am least 33.3% better at my profession than you. Likewise.

If you do not know where to start, go to, then say the magic word and let’s get the money out the way so we can concentrate on what is important to you and get your domain name back today! I offer a money back guarantee. If I cannot help you get your domain name back, I will refund you in full.

T’s and Cs apply. *

Be Great,


Darryl Lopes aka D-Lo is a South African Domain Broker, domain name consultant, and online branding expert, who knows how to manage and monetize domain portfolios, as well as appraise domain names and digital assets. Lopes is a well known in the domain industry and is active in providing relevant content, news, information and stories about the domain name industry.

“You need a domain name.” #renewyourdomain